Feb 5, 2011

Dr. Harry's Trip to Uganda

WHEN:Feb 5, 2011LOCATION:Busujju County, Uganda THEME:Pilot Project LaunchINFORMATION:We are very excited to announce that Founder and President of Life for Mothers, Dr. Harry Strulovici, is traveling to Uganda on February 5th to launch the LfM pilot project in Mityana District.

On his trip, Dr. Strulovici will meet with our partners, Marie Stopes International, WHO, AIDS Information Center Uganda, and Hon. Sylvia Ssinabulya, as well as Dr. Francis Kikongo, the District Medical Director of Mityana, Dr. Francis Runumi from the Ministry of Health, and department heads of Makerere University. He will also supervise the recruitment of community health workers, health professionals, and administrators for the pilot project. We wish Dr. Strulovici good luck and safe travels!

Did you know?

The leading causes of maternal deaths are hemorrhage, infections, unsafe abortions, high blood pressure leading to seizures, and obstructed labor.

Source:United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 2010

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