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Integrating mHealth Technology and Holistic Health Care Delivery to Reduce Maternal/Neonatal/Child Mortality in Rural Uganda: Click to view Preliminary Findings from Pilot Project (Phase I)

Mityana - Pilot Project Phase l.

Uganda - Mwera Health Centre IV Video: Your donations in action.


Landmark court decision against Ugandan Government may finally improve maternal health

Unfortunately maternal and neonatal health services have long been neglected in Uganda. Even though the Ugandan constitution guarantees that 'essential health services' be available to save a woman's life in pregnancy and childbirth, the law has not been enforced. In 2011, Life for Mothers was in Uganda when a lawsuit was filed against the government regarding 2 women who died during childbirth. Civil society along with academics and the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development joined forces to compel government to implement the policy.

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HIV Infections Increase in Uganda

As reported by the Voice of America last week new HIV infections has jumped up in Uganda reversing its long time history of decreasing the infection rate since the late 1990's. Greater focus must be placed on preventing women of reproductive age from getting infected (primary prevention) as well as decreasing transmission of HIV in women of reproductive who are already infected (increased condom usage). The elimination of mother-to-child transmision of HIV (eMTCT) will reduce the incidence of new infections. The role of men plays a key role in each of these  two factors.

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Dr. Harry Interviewed for VOA on the Role of Men in Advancing Women's Health

Health Chat is a live call-in program that addresses health issues of interest to Africa. The show puts listeners directly in touch with guest medical professionals.  It includes a weekly feature spot, health news and comments from listeners on health issues. The program is hosted by veteran health reporter Linord Moudou. Dr.

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Uganda Struggles with Family Planning Implementation

Uganda's Health Ministry and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) introduced a one-year program--"Let Girls Be Girls" earlier this month to address the high rate of teen pregnancies which often times lead to maternal deaths as well high abortion rates (which are illegal and a leading cause of deaths). Unfortunately, sex education and contraception counselling is being met with great opposition from Uganda's Ethics and Integrity Ministry. They believe that this project will lead to 'promiscuity and sexual immorality.

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Life For Mothers Analyzing Data from Phase I of Pilot Project

Jan 1, 1970

The staff at Life for Mothers is currently analyzing the data gathered during Phase I of our pilot project. We hope to complete our analysis in the next few weeks and prepare it for publication. All results from our analysis …
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New York Times: Maternal Deaths Focus Harsh Light on Uganda

Jan 1, 1970

July 29, 2011 By CELIA W. DUGGER ARUA, Uganda — Jennifer Anguko was slowly bleeding to death right in the maternity ward of a major public hospital. Only a lone midwife was on duty, the hospital later admitted, and no …
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Life For Mothers Releases Preliminary Results from its Pilot Project (Phase l) Completed May 2011

Jan 1, 1970

Maternal/neonatal mortality rate is unacceptably high in rural Uganda where 90% of the population lives.

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