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Integrating mHealth Technology and Holistic Health Care Delivery to Reduce Maternal/Neonatal/Child Mortality in Rural Uganda: Click to view Preliminary Findings from Pilot Project (Phase I)

Mityana - Pilot Project Phase l.

Uganda - Mwera Health Centre IV Video: Your donations in action.


PBS News Focus on High Maternal Mortality in US

The high maternal mortality of US women continues to garner attention with media outlets not limited to radio, television and the internet. The greater awareness that life-threatening issues can result during pregnancy and birth is crucial for the public to know. Doctors, nurses and ancillary health workers sopmetimes are not cognizant of certain signs and symptoms that may lead to life-long complications and even death. Lack of access to care in rural areas along with pre-existing conditions, e.g.

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President Trump Will Increase Maternal Mortality

President Trump this past January signed one of his executive orders that will have profound and deadly consequences for millions of women who live in the poorest countries of the world. This order revived the Mexico City policy, which is more familiarly called the 'global gag rule' signed at the 1984 International Conference on Population whereby funds provided to organizations that support family planning and contraception counseling (Planned Parenthood International and United Nations Population Fund) would be withdrawn.

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National Public Radio (NPR) Continues its Reporting on High Maternal Death Rates in US

On July 5th 2017 NPR radio along with ProPublica followed up on a piece that was broadcast on May 12 2017 regarding the risks of pregnancy and childbirth to expectant mothers. The US has the highest death rates in the developed world. Well over 60% of these deaths are preventable. The current broadcast specifically focused on one of these preventable conditions --pre-eclampsia- which is associated with high blood pressure and seizures. If left untreated the mother and even the newborn can die.

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Menstruation Mitigates Women's Empowerment

Yesterday (May 28, 2017) was Menstrual Hygiene Day. This was a day to raise awareness that women in developing countries do not have access to products, clean toilets and are ignorant regarding the management of their period. We know that this biological function is a normal fact of life for women. Unfortunately, for so many women in developing countries it is so embarrassing that it causes girls to NOT attend schools.

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Life For Mothers Analyzing Data from Phase I of Pilot Project

Jan 1, 1970

The staff at Life for Mothers is currently analyzing the data gathered during Phase I of our pilot project. We hope to complete our analysis in the next few weeks and prepare it for publication. All results from our analysis …
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New York Times: Maternal Deaths Focus Harsh Light on Uganda

Jan 1, 1970

July 29, 2011 By CELIA W. DUGGER ARUA, Uganda — Jennifer Anguko was slowly bleeding to death right in the maternity ward of a major public hospital. Only a lone midwife was on duty, the hospital later admitted, and no …
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Life For Mothers Releases Preliminary Results from its Pilot Project (Phase l) Completed May 2011

Jan 1, 1970

Maternal/neonatal mortality rate is unacceptably high in rural Uganda where 90% of the population lives.

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